Sunday, June 20, 2010

A new pathway!

So that you, my closest friends and family know, I signed off on the counter offer today and accepted the terms to purchase the boutique in Laguna Beach! What a life changing morning - Father's Day 2010 will be remembered as the DAY that we adopted a new pathway for our lives.

I'm sure that it will be challenging and rewarding , and that the learning curve will feel steep at times. Assuming that all goes as expected through the 'due dilligence' process, we have begun the path that we will be taking through our retirement and thus, our goal of being ' bi- coastal' is becoming a reality.
I pray that God will bless our little business and our steps each day as we make the necessary changes to accomodate this decision.
We will need, and are getting the help of all of you and your families - we SOOO appreciate everyone's cooperation in this process! We love you all. xxxooo
More updates to follow - Love - Mom

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  1. i'm so glad that you have decided to come out our way :D