Thursday, June 24, 2010

Due diligence day

Today was the day that I went through all the financial information for the boutique. Happily, it appears that everything is in order - and although it took us all day long to get to the end of the questions and books, it's pretty much done.
We now have to be sure that I will be approved by the landlords, then work on getting a new lease. While Dad sleeps on the numbers and gets comfortable with the length of the lease, most of the other investigations are complete.
It appears that moving forward one of the biggest hurdles still remains getting moved! When do I come home - for how long - how soon can we do a sale - when can we be on the road to move out here...... and on and on it goes.... :)
Well, no one ever said that moving is easy!
In the morning I will be going to a business seminar at Woodbury College ( where Bryan graduated from). I'm sure that it will be interesting and informative.
Love to you all - Mom

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  1. Hey, Little Girl in California! How neat! you have finally joined the ranks of blogland! Ha.
    Great blog, and wonderful way of keeping in touch! Looking forward to seeing you again. Love you, Mama Ruby.