Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Becoming a boutique Owner

It has now been nearly four months since we purchased our boutique in Laguna Beach and it's been a very rewarding experience! So far we've had lots of LA shopping experiences, Fashion weeks, had a 'Girls Night Out' sale, seen very busy days, and stormy days where there have been no customers all day! All these experiences pull into the whole, that this is an entirely new business venture and truly exciting for me to learn!

After working in our marketing business for years with all the girls, but most recently, Rach and Jess, it is fabulous to currently share this portion of my life with Sar and Tawn. Its sweet to see my daughters getting involved with the shop, working on Saturdays with me (sign making in the eves with Sar) , merchandising inventory after closing with Tawn, (she even did a solo jewelry buying trip!), and learning whole parts of this new venture. Believe me, we're all learning this new family business together! There's a lot to it!

It was great fun to take Jessie and Kyah shopping in LA while they were visiting - Jessie is SUCH a shopper anyways that it was a blast! Rach - when you come out, I will torture you with an LA trip - just so you can experience it! LOL. You'll love it!

The biggest daily support of all though, has been Dad. He has done every sort of back up work imaginable to make this a success and easier for me. It's such a fabulous family adventure!

Well, we have new signage and the long awaited Facebook Page in the near future. Lots of great things to come - Pink Friday Sales coming up with sparking pink drinks and chocolates, then the Laguna Beach Hospitality night coupled with our 2nd Girls Night Out Sale!

Love and Hugs to all of you!

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